505 Designs, founded by Ira Hammes, prides it self in responsible sourcing of its Nicaraguan hardwood collection. Allowing the natural beauty of the woods to be highlighted in each piece the design itself is inviting, warm, and ?. All hardwoods are sourced from past Hurricane reclaim, Deadfall and sustainable farming practices.

After an intimate introduction to the Nicaraguan carpentry & hardwood trade, Ira was nothing short of amazed by the variety, beauty and quality offered. Working hand in hand with numerous carpenters whom’s knowledge started with tree identification, milling raw lumber, to curing, and creating a highly refined final product. Drawing on a popular previously Designed table in Denver, Ira decided to bring this experience, warmth and art to Brooklyn.


Originally from Washington DC, Founder Ira Hammes has found a love in carpentry & building as long as he can remember. Part self-taught and the other through partner ships, employment, and friendships with skilled tradesmen, Ira has over 17 years of carpentry, building, and engineering experience. Graduating with a degree from University of Colorado, Ira set to apply this to his first passion building and creating. Moving back to Dc he began work on Labor crews some of DC’s most prominent buildings and landmarks.

Drawn back to the Allure of Colorado’s Natural Beauty and opportunity to gain greater experience in fine carpentry and home building, he moved back to Denver. After years of apprentice and beginning to build recycled furniture in Colorado, he decided to further venture.

To satisfy his need for further adventure, continuing work opportunity, and education, he found him self with a one way ticket to Nicaragua. Working as a homebuilder, and private contractor, he worked hand- in hand with Nicaragua’s greatest carpenters. Identifying, milling, and analyzing raw lumber, local hardwoods and knowledge of individual trees qualities, he developed a knowledgeable relationship with the finished products starting from the living tree. Loving the culture, lifestyle, and close connection to the land, he decided to utilize his knowledge and create this responsible sourced fine furniture company.